Tool-room and Medical Healthcare Moulding Capabilities

OMNI TECH’s services include Precision Plastic Engineering Company focusing on four key business segments: Tooling, Automotive, Consumer/IT and Medical / Healthcare in Tooling facility. We are always at the forefront of assimilating new knowledge and technologies. Tool-room the aid of fully integrated 3D CAD/CAM and Mold-flow system, experienced Mould Designers and Engineers are capable of transforming a highly complicated product design into a precision-finished product. In Medical & Healthcare moulding facilities, 100k Clean-room and normal White room services are fully equips with Injection Moulding Machine size at 420ton max, ISBM and EBM with fully automation in assembly line. Certified with ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2007, OHSAS 18001-2004, QS, ISO 13485, HACCP ISO 22000, GMP, SMETA 4 Pillars requirements, WQA and FDA Certified.


Advanced Mould Analysis

DFM, MFI, 3D UG, Darwin
Mould Design

3D Mould Design and Manufacturing

Advanced machining and toolmaking capabilties
Multi Cavities Tool

Fully interchangeable inserts

In-house mould testing capabilities and FAI with fully equipped metrology laboratoy. Medical with 3Q requirements, Chemistry and microbial laboratory.
Fully Automation Assembly Line

In-house ability to develop automation processes to optimize yield


Medical and Surgical Devices Straight, Y connector and Cap

Medical and Surgical Devices Luer Cap

Medical and Surgical Devices Slide Cam

Medical and Surgical Devices Orthopaedics

Consumer Goods with in-built Filtration

Healthcare Scoop and Overcap for Nutrition

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